100 Books for America

The Good War: Take a look at World War II through the eyes of the people that lived it.

Les Miserables: A centuries old French novel hits on many of the issues America faces today.

First: Sandra Day O’Connor: Get to know the most powerful woman in American history.

Lincoln at Gettysburg: Find out why Abraham Lincoln’s speech is so memorable and important.

Roots: The Saga of an American Family: Get to know the story of Kunta Kinte and see how a family grew during and after slavery in America.

All the President’s Men: Follow along as two young reporters dig into a story that ends up bringing down a president.

Columbine: Take a look at one of America’s most tragic days in an all new light.

A Prayer for the City: Follow along as a Trump-like mayor tries to rebuild his city.

Frederick Douglass: American Prophet: David W. Blight gives you a comprehensive view of the life of one of America’s greatest men.

To Kill A Mockingbird: Harper Lee’s cherished novel shows us how we look at ourselves.

The Right Stuff: Tom Wolf shows off his mastery of narrative nonfiction to take you on a rollicking ride alongside the men of the space race.

The Anti-Federalist Papers: Read about the Constitutional Convention and how and why some of our Founding Fathers stridently opposed they Constitution.

The Federalist Papers: Check out the great All American Propaganda effort.

First Class Citizen: Take a look at the Civil Rights letters of Jackie Robinson. This collection includes his correspondence with citizens, presidents and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Founding Brothers: Get to know the founding fathers intimately for their brilliance and foibles.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: Maya Angelou’s brilliant, genre-shattering memoir is worth reading or rediscovering.

Gideon’s Trumpet: Follow along as one of America’s most important constitutional rights is cemented in a wild legal drama.

The Story of American Freedom: Historian Eric Foner takes you on the epic ride of our freedom has evolved in America.

The Corner: David Simon and Ed Burns take you into the lives of people living with the failures of the drug war on an inner city street.

Hillbilly Elegy: Follow J.D. Vance through his life and the town he grew up in and see how America has forgotten the rural poor.

1984: Orson Wells’ prophetic novel is important for any American who cherishes his or her freedoms.

Hiroshima: John Hersey’s short masterpiece shows us the effects of one of our most controversial actions.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: America’s most relatable Founding Father lived quite an interesting life. His memoir gives us an interesting glimpse.

The Things They Carried: A novel of American War and Truth that will pull you in and break your heart.

Good and Mad: Find out how Angry women have historically led movements and revolutions in America.