Monday’s first pitch: It’s getting hot out there – does anyone care?

Last month was the hottest July on record. This isn’t really news since it’s something of a trend. One would think this would be a big issue with both major American political parties. Sadly one of them wanders about the wilderness more concerned with a decades dead president and finding more ways to break government in his name than protecting the future of our nation.

Now let’s distract ourselves while the world burns.


A Brewers minor leaguer has announced he’s gay.

Could the first of the Phillies haul in the Great Purge be arriving soon?

The Nationals’ Doug Harris could be the next big thing to hit a Major League front office.


Here’s a fascinating read on Ben Carson, his history, and abortion ethics. is run by the Boston Globe and covers Catholicism. While Carson isn’t Catholic – he’s Seventh Day Adventist – abortion is a big issue within Catholic Circles.

News and Politics

The Atlantic digs into the issue of people who edit Wikipedia for pay and how the site is dealing with them.

The New York Times’ Inside Amazon piece is astounding and needs to be read.

Now, before you head into work on this Monday morning, you need a pick-me-up.

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