Tuesday’s first pitch: Rangers on a roll; will 14th amendment split GOP?

Don’t look now, but the Texas Rangers – with the help of newly acquired Cole Hamels – are making a move in the American League West.
The Rangers were seven games back when they made the trade, which was supposed to be more about 2016 than 2015.
Seventeen days later, they are 10-5 since the deal and stand just three games back.
With lots of baseball left to play, this can go either way. I wouldn’t count out the Rangers, however.

Around the Majors

The newest round of injuries could finally knock out the Cardinals.

The Nats need to turn it around. Can they?

Travis Snider could help the Pirates catch the Cardinals. But only if he plays better than he did in Baltimore.

News and politics

Is the 14th amendment about to cause a rift in the Republican party? It seems so. If you remember, during the debate, former jovial governor turned gruff media wart Mike Huckabee argued that a fetus is protected by the 14th amendment (This is a lot more rational than many liberal commentators would have you believe, but that’s another blog post altogether. I promise I’ll bring that one up). He’s not alone in supporting this idea. Meanwhile, several republicans – including Scott Walker and Donald Trump – who are arguing for changing the 14th amendment to take away birthright citizenship.
This should be fun.

The Tuskegee Airmen are some of this country’s most beloved heroes, which is why this news is so terrible.

If Rand Paul were a serious candidate, he’d jump all over this story. It says here the odds are 15 percent he ever mentions it. The supposed criminal justice reform candidate isn’t as serious about the issue as Sens. Corey Booker, Sheldon Whitehouse and John Cornyn.

Morning music
Here’s a tune for you to start your Tuesday.

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