Wednesday’s first pitch: Phillies’ limited options, social security, & Papa Frank

If the Phillies were going to replace Rubin Amaro Jr. with a big name general manager, they’ve missed a second opportunity. Jerry Dipoto was previously swallowed up and now Dave Dombrowski is with the Red Sox. There aren’t many big name guys out there. Is it possible the Phillies will pluck some “next big thing” out of obscurity? Dig up Branch Rickey?
The bet here now – and it’s an unpopular one – is that Rubin Amaro Jr is the Phillies general manager on Opening Day 2016.

News and politics
Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is reportedly going to take a plea deal on a child porn case.
If you were wondering what Henry Kissinger had to say about things, today’s your day.
In Mississippi, a lot of rednecks hate America.
The success of Social Security.

Around the league
The Cardinals might have lost a cog in their lineup.
The Angels are flying high.
No so, for the Dodgers.

How to see the Pope in the United States.

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