Don’t grumble; give a whistle

Aside from the guy crucified next to Brian, no one is more unreasonably optimistic than a 3-year-old.

That’s why we cheer up your Monday with a quote from my son. While we normally look at the printed word during the Sentence of the Day. This gem from Mike couldn’t go ignored.

“Dad, I’m finding Harold.”

He’s trying to tell me he’s looking for Harold, one of his Thomas the Tank Engine toys. There’s no guarantee he’ll find Harold.
There’s an inate optimism in that word selection. “I’m finding Harold.” It’s not a mistake, because he will say he’s looking for something, especially if he needs help.

But when he said that, he was just starting out on his quest.

At press time, however, he has yet to find said toy.

Every day, The Southpaw finds a sentence that makes him think or laugh. It can come from a song, a poem, a book, a newspaper article. It’s a daily celebration of our odd – and yet beautiful – language.



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