Tuesday’s First Pitch: Los Angeles’ tent cities, the Mets blow up, Dana Milbank struggles to understand Scott Walker

There’s a fascinating debate going on in Los Angeles right now.
The city is dealing with profound levels of homelessness. Some people are addressing the issue with tiny houses.
It’s clearly a band-aid on a paper cut for a leukemia patient.
In other words, the band-aid is necessary, but real treatment of the real issue needs to happen.
Meanwhile, you get this.

“”These wooden shacks are not the real estate I’m looking for in my district,” he told colleagues at a committee hearing Monday.”

I’m not even sure what that means.
Does he want to tax these properties?
Of course not. But part of the reason the issue is getting attention is because the tent cities are showing up in richer neighborhoods.

Around the leagues
* The Metropolitans thumped the home nine with ferocious authority. It goes without saying at this point that New York is dominating this division and could be a force in the near future. I don’t think this year is their year. But next year probably is. That pitching staff is the stuff of GMs dreams are made of: Great, young, deep, controllable and cheap.
* Looking at Austin Jackson‘s uneven career in Seattle as it comes to a close. Jackson looked like a stud early in his career, but he hasn’t captured that promise.
* Much like the Mets, this isn’t the Cubs’ year, but, my god, that line-up is the stuff GMs dreams are made of: power bat after power bat, speed, some patience.

News and politics
* Everything I’ve ever read or heard says Dana Milbank is a solid human being. He’s not an idealogue. He’s “fair” in his reporting. Definitely accurate in the details.
But it’s his analysis of the news that makes me want to toss baby dolphins in vats of Tang.
Prime example: He claims Scott Walker’s problem – that he has changed his position on the 14th amendment about 2,131 times the past week – is about Donald Trump.
No. It is not.
Anyone who has followed his career – even from a distance of half the country – knows Scott Walker never says what he means. He says he’s not going to take away collective bargaining rights. Then he does. This cycle repeats on every issue he addresses.
* Read this Atlantic piece and watch the video. There’s a rare moment of Clinton honesty here. It’s nice to see. It’s during a debate with someone who is like-minded but has disagreements. We’d be better off seeing more of this.
Especially the tone.

Whoa! A cardinal gets a DUI. The jokes almost write themselves.
* On a different note, Cardinal Cupich – which is just fun to say – challenges the attitudes of some of the anti-gay forces in the church.

A Tuesday tune for you

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