Tuesday’s First Pitch: An idiot leaves West Point; Red Sox fans stand up for broadcaster

A modern-day Sen. McCarthy has resigned from West Point having some disturbing ideas.
I cannot wait – really, I cannot wait – to hear how this is the PC police have attacked a good military man.

Look, the military is just like any other career in that sometimes you look at a coworker and think, “How in the name of god did he get where he did?”

William Bradford is clearly one of those people. A malignant succubus, Bradford has been living on our dime for far too long. He recently argued law professors who disagree with him as working to help Islamists establish a caliphate.

In his article – which reads like Buck Turgidson is not only alive and well, but trying to mold modern military minds – he even suggests loyalty oaths are a possibility to quash this supposed insurrection.

Good god, this guy listens to Glenn Beck.

Oh, and this guy lied about his resume to get hired at West Point.

We need some new background checkers there.

News and Politics
Cardinal Richelieu Douthait has been full of the Hot Take for Donald Trump and, all sarcasm aside, it’s been kind of interesting.

Normally, I’m not a fan of the “Stop saying….” column, but this one is worth a read.

My colleagues in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton have an interesting series on faith. Give it a read.

The Dodgers are not going to let the Giants into the divisional race.

Red Sox fans are stepping up for a fired broadcaster. Phillies fans should have done the same for Scott Graham

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