Wednesday’s First Pitch: What’s in it for Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe Jackson was acquitted. The gamblers of the day said he wasn’t in on the take. He had several big hits in the 1919 World Series, of which he is accused of throwing with seven other teammates.
But he’s still banned from the game.The National Pastime gets a lot of things right, particularly when it comes to its history, but it’s beyond time it rewrite this version of the past in order to correct it.
Maybe if Ray Liotta had just batted left-handed.

Around the Major Leagues
The Orioles celebrated Cal Ripken Jr. last night.
The Phillies are sending heralded prospect JP Crawford to the Arizona Fall League.

News and politics
The Clinton Email Controversy (Motto: Must shoot self in foot) is not going away. This is one of the few Clinton Scandals that really is legit.

Jeffrey Toobin’s reporting on the Supreme Court fascinates me. Sometime’s he’s fantastic. But he couldn’t compliment Chief Justice John Roberts if JR discovered a cure for male pattern baldness and announced it in a decision that overturned Citizens United.
Now, he correctly argues the conservatives on the court likely have a year full of power plays coming to them. But this wasn’t unknown. It’s a 5-4 conservative majority. Has been for more than a decade.

The pope hasn’t changed Catholic doctrine, but wow.

An evangelical leader talks about tone. He thinks they could be nicer. My guess is that’s not gonna work. But bully for him for trying. He can change some.

Music to start off your Tuesday

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