Wednesday’s First Pitch: The Kentucky Fried Circus

We’re back after a very undeserved vacation and the newsbusiness is all aflutter with some interesting stories.
We’ll start with the low-hanging fruit of ignorance and bigotry carnival in the state of Kentucky. Senator Teddy Hatesbin and Governor Disgrace of Base (we’re sad to admit we were once big fans of his) showed up for the clown show.
Our favorite bit of news from this cluster is that Survivor is not happy Kim Davis used their song. Our second favorite bit of “news” is the powerplay by a Huckabee aid over Ted Cruz.
I so wish the Second Republican Debate was tonight so this shitstorm could be part of the conversation.

Politics and News
Stephen! Stephen! Stephen! Let’s be serious, though. That interview with Jeb! made you wish there was more of  a chance Colbert would interview all the candidates before we got to any of the primaries or caucuses.

Divide and conquer!


The Pope drops a bombshell and it will have some long-reaching effects.

This is how much it will cost to see The Man.

Around the Major Leagues

These Mets, man. I gotta say, they have just gutted the Nationals.

I keep reading that Aaron Nola is a “middle of the rotation” starter. This dude is fierce.

The Rangers are on fire. They look so good for 2016, but they’re going to make a push this year, too.


That’s all for now. Here’s your Wednesday Wake Up video.

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