Kids’ toys today are awesome, but ours were pretty cool too

Prime1Tonight, I brought out one of my most cherished possessions. I got Optimus Prime as a Christmas gift in the mid-80s. I was probably 4, at most, and he’s dominated my imagination ever since.
Prime, like Superman and Captain America, has the red, white and blue color theme. He does things for the right reasons and isn’t conflicted or pulled in other directions. He knows what’s right and he does it, no matter the cost.*

My Prime's feet are severely weather-beaten.
My Prime’s feet are severely weather-beaten.

Maybe that’s simplistic, but I’ve always found those types of hero characters fascinating.
Michael watches the current kids’ incarnation of “Oppimus Pry-em” in “Rescue Bots.” The cartoon is much more young kid friendly. There aren’t any guns and the autobots basically try to solve problems while maintaining their hidden lives.
So I brought out the original tonight. Michael has seen him and played with him before, but he seems to be hitting a “Transformers” phase and I’m going to capitalize.
He immediately wanted to bring out his rescue bots toy.
It’s pretty cool. Transforms very easily for him. I think it was less than $10. My parents probably paid more than $30 for mine in ’84 or ’85.
Prime 3I’ve got quite the collection of Transformers. We watched some of the original “G1” episodes and I showed him a couple of the other Autobots.
I don’t think Prime will ever be what Iron Man is to Mike. But, considering he’s also got a strong attachment to Captain America, I think he’ll be able to relate to Prime with no problem.

*Let’s just get this out of the way: Michael Bay’s version of Prime is an abomination who double-taps a former ally in the back of the head while said fallen Autobot begs for forgiveness.
It’s like having Superman claw out Jimmy Olson’s eyes for a bad cutline.
Also, Prime lies a lot in the Bay movies. They’re just terrible. Yet I own them.


Kids toys today are awesome.

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