Trivia Tuesday: Alomar and the 200/200 club

AlomarRoberto Alomar had quite a Major League career. A defensive wizard, Alomar retired with two World Series rings and piled up some impressive offensive numbers.

In the end, his talent and effort got him elected to Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame.
He is the only player in the Hall of Fame with at least 200 home runs and 200 stolen bases.
But he isn’t the only player to accomplish that feat.
Can you name three of the other four players to swipe at least 200 bases and knock 100 home runs?
We’ll give you one hint: Two are active players.

Every Tuesday, the Southpaw will offer up a baseball trivia question. It could come from a historical fact or a statistical anomaly. 

Roberto Alomar – 210 home runs / 474 stolen bases
Carlos Beltran – 389 home runs / 311 stolen bases
Howard Johnson – 228 home runs / 231 stolen bases
Jimmy Rollins – 229 home runs / 465 stolen bases
Devon White – 208 home runs / 346 stolen bases


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