Trivia Tuesday: Legendary plays with forgettable final teams

Baseball fans love to group players into clubs: the 500 home-run club, the 300-win club, the 40-40 club, and on and on.
One of my favorite clubs is the one-team Hall of Famers. There are 48 of them, you can try to name them all on this sporcle quiz (I got 44.)
But that’s not today’s trivia question.
Today’s question is a list of the final teams of several Hall of Famers who are remembered for long careers with one team but played a final year or two with another franchise.

Here is are some.

Willie Mays is the obvious starting point. He played his first 2,857 games with the Giants in New York and San Francisco before being traded to the …
Duke Snider spent 16 years in Dodger blue, but after a season with the New York Mets, he retired a …
After playing 18 years with the New York Yankees, Yogi Berra appeared in four games with the …
Hank Greenberg spent 14 years with the Detroit Tigers before being traded to and spending a final season with…
Harmon Killebrew spent 21 seasons with one franchise, even though it moved from Washington to Minnesota during his career, before signing with the …
Hank Aaron played 21 years for the Braves in Milwaukee and Atlanta before being traded to the …
We’ll go way back for this one. Christy Mathewson played his entire career with the New York Giants, except for one game with the …

Mays … New York Mets
Snider … San Francisco Giant.
Berra … New York Mets.
Greenberg … Pittsburgh Pirates.
Killebrew … Kansas City Royals.
Aaron … Milwaukee Brewers.
Mathewson … Cincinnati Reds.

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