Penn State, stadiums, food pantries and priorities

There are few things in this world I love more than The Pennsylvania State University.
Most people would take that to mean the football team.
The football team is a small part of it, but my love is for much more than a football team. It’s for the student, the staff, the faculty, the ideals, the Alma Mater, the Creamery, the commonwealth campuses, the wrestling team, the fencing team, the squirrels and on and on and on.
Penn State, like every college, is facing a lot of issues. Rising tuition. The college loan crisis that is crippling Americans in debt. Sexual assault on campus. Campus security. Pay for graduate students.
There are so many issues.
Somewhere down the list is a new football stadium.
Beaver Stadium is still one of my favorite sites, even though the horrors of the Sandusky scandal – particularly the reaction of some of my fellow fans to rally around a statue instead of the real victims – has tainted it a bit for me.
I’ve seen school districts who’ve delayed renovations in the present only to pay more later. That’s usually the fault of local politicians who fear spending money or an extra tax burden during their term and forget that it will inevitably cost the taxpayer more later.
Before Penn State touches the stadium, it should make sure the need for a campus food pantry has been abated.
Then it should make sure it does its due diligence with regards to what needs to be done to save money later.
It might even get some donors willing to pay for major parts of the construction.
But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why those donors – those “Penn Staters” aren’t donating toward making sure those kids who need the food pantry can afford food on their own.

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