A new star in Philly

The last time a young guy was a heralded franchise cornerstone in Philadelphia his name was Dom Brown.

That was four years ago. While Brown found his way onto an All-Star team, his career in Philly ended this week when the Phillies decided some young kids and an elderly, poorly moving right fielder meant more to the franchise.

But early on in his career, Brown gave Philly fans pause when he wore some Dallas Cowboys flare.

This is not done lightly in Philly. Even by star athletes with hopes pinned to their shoulders.

Which brings us to Jahlil Okafor, who looks like a stud on the basketball court.

Bob Cooney profiles him as the 76ers season dawns.

He was smart enough to wear an Eagles sweater when Brown took him to the home game against Dallas.
Yes, Jahlil has a bright future in Philly.
Every day, The Southpaw finds a sentence that makes him think or laugh. It can come from a song, a poem, a book, a newspaper article. It’s a daily celebration of our odd – and yet beautiful – language.

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