Facts are funny things

With the Supreme Court in the news, I’ve decided to brush off some of my favorite court history books and tell some interesting stories you might not know about the court, its traditions and justices.

The Supreme Court has been pretty rancorous in recent years and that has peeled back some of its aura.

What people don’t realize is that, despite it often being the best branch of government, it’s regularly been filed with rivals, cranks and rancor.

Egos have often gotten in the way.

For my money, one of the most interesting and confounding justices was Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. His highest points were pretty interesting, but to be completely frank, he was kind of a dick.

At one point when he was arguing with Louis Brandeis, one of the most admired justices in court history. Brandeis suggested Holmes should learn the facts about a particular case.

“I hate facts,” Holmes responded, according to Brandeis.

He’d clearly fit in with today’s politicians.

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