Just a little reminder

Damn, this week has gotten me down. No, wait, this year has gotten me down.
Innocent men dead in cars. Police officers dead in the streets. Dancers dead in a nightclub. An ignorant buffoon who thinks Marbury v Madison is a tennis match is representing a major party in the presidential election. Hillary Clinton being his opponent.

I did a bit of soul-searching this week, concentrating on the conflict over the phrase “Make America Great Again.” Some people say America was never great. Others say it isn’t great now. I think both those groups are full of themselves. Great isn’t a synonym for perfection. We’ve always been great partly because we strive to be a more perfect union. It’s written into our DNA. I think the country started out great the moment the Constitution was adopted. Nowhere near perfect; but definitely great. With each passing generation, it found its way to be a bit closer to perfect.
It continues to do that. Yes, we still have our warts. But anyone who thinks we aren’t better than 10 years ago, 30 years ago, 100 years ago or 227 years ago.

So we don’t have to “Make America Great Again” because it is. We just have to strive for that more perfect union.

In that spirit, and to wash the inanity of some of the speeches we’ve been seeing and we will see in the coming weeks, here are some speeches that remind us of the best in each of us.


We the people …



…. in order to form a more perfect union,


… establish justice, …


… Ensure domestic tranquility, …


… Provide for the common defense …

…. promote the general welfare, …


… and secure the blessings of liberty …

… to ourselves and our posterity …



… do ordain and establish this Constituion For the United States of America.

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