Demanding more

I don’t know why I do this, but I always expect the best out of the groups I belong to. You’d think spending 13 years as a journalist would have driven this out of me. You’d think being a Penn State grad who adored his alma mater would have taken this character trait into the woods and beaten it to death. You’d think being a Catholic would have took any remnants of that corpse, cut them to shreds and buried them on the side of the interstate.

But here I am.

As an American, as a journalist, as a Penn Stater, as a Catholic, as a baseball fan, as a whatever, I expect my side to be on its best behavior at all times. To fight the good fight, even if it’s unwinnable. (Recommended theme music) It’s not to make excuses for my side when it misbehaves.

Which brings me to the Republican Party after today’s news that Donald Trump fired James Comey. Look, I think Comey was stuck between a rock and a hard place when it came to his announcement about HIllary’s emails. Instead of choosing a rock or a hard place, however, he drove the car into an 18-wheeler full of chickens. But firing him over it never seemed like a good idea to me, whether the president who cut him loose was Obama, Clinton or Trump. Considering Comey is in charge of an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, firing him seemed like an incredibly dumb idea. Of course, that meant it was inevitable with the incompetent buffoons who currently occupy the White House. So, republican reaction this evening has been fascinating.

The reaction

Let’s start with the 2020 hopefuls.

Marco Rubio has yet to miss an opportunity to trip over his own oversized white pennyloafers.


Ted Cruz is eating some tomato soup somewhere, covered head to toe in mayonnaise and still dealing with the burns Sally Yates laid on him yesterday.

Now let’s check in with two people who give governing more serious thought: John Kasich and Ben Sasse.



Look, I don’t expect NeverTrumpers to dominate the party. Democrats and Republicans can support Trump on different issues. But when there is clear corruption, obvious incompetence, and outright lies, they all need to call him on the carpet. It’s their duty to their constituents and the Constitution. What’s fascinating is that, as often as the Democratic Congress was considered by republicans to be a rubber stamp for Obama, Dems were far from it. Many of them – including prominent members – opposed policies like TPP and such. But we haven’t really seen that yet from Republicans with Trump. One could conceivably argue House Republicans gave Trump a vastly different health care bill than the one he campaigned on. However, since Trump held a celebration in the Rose Garden, that argument doesn’t really hold up.

Tonight, for the first time since the “Pussy” tape came out, Republicans are showing a bit of backbone.

Even some house members.


What’s next?

What remains to be seen is if Republicans will fall back into line in five weeks like they did after the tape. I know I shouldn’t expect the best out of Republicans. Especially the way the GOP has abandoned all of its principles in recent years.

But I think there’s hope.

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