The Post drops another bombshell

The Washington Post has a doozy of a story. For now, I’m skeptical it’s as bad for the president as it seems, if only because he’s not being held to normal standards.

Oh sure, Democrats and principled conservatives are shocked and dismayed. But I’ll believe Congressional republicans will act when I see it. We have yet to see any spine from them.

They’re too fearful of Trump’s base. And here’s the problem for Democrats, principled conservatives and other patriots: the congressional republican leaders are right.

Trump’s base doesn’t care.  They don’t care what he does. They don’t care that it hurts them. Or others. They don’t care about the country or forging forth on forming a more perfect union. They don’t care about our allies. They care a whip about the Constitution or institutional integrity.  The safety of our military and intelligence officers does not matter beyond bumper stickers and flag-waving. The hard work of governing, patriotism and service are an alien thought to these people.

They don’t care. If they cared about anything, they wouldn’t have voted for an amoral, insufferable, cowardly wimp with a big mouth and tiny mind.

And there are far too many of them for them not to be discounted by republicans who want to keep their jobs.

Liberals and principled conservatives need to come to the realization that Trump isn’t the problem. Neither is Mitch McConell or Paul Ryan.

The problem is the Trump supporter.

And we’re getting to the point we’re they’re as big a threat to democracy and world peace as ISIS, al Qaida or the Nazis.

Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment – the full comment – remains the most honest thing any American politician has said in my lifetime.

Until they change, our problems won’t go away.

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