An imbecile in a Rose Garden

Many moons ago, I was in a college class that dealt with national security. Anyway, because of it, I went to see this speaker talk about national security threats to the country.  This was in the wake of 9/11, mind you.  

I don’t remember much about the speech except this.  Someone asked the guy what was the biggest threat to the country.  He didn’t say terrorists, which everyone expected. He didn’t say Russia or China, either. He said Global Warming. 

Back then, I was a pretty conservative kid. Watched Bill O’Reilly every night. I was definitely hawkish. But I was also big on the environment.  We only have one planet, you know.  

Anyway, this speaker’s premise seemed insane. Then he explained himself. 

Resources are what drive us.  They’re what we try to control. They’re what we fight over. Some resources are infinite. They can be produced at will. Most, however, are finite.  Two of the most important resources are water and land, this guy said. Makes sense.  Well, global warming will likely reduce the size of inhabitable land and the pollution that causes it will likely restrict water availability. This means that there will be more fighting over those two issues. It could literally change the shape of countries.  

I couldn’t really argue with his logic.  

It’s funny how innocent those times were.  President Bush would be far to the left of most of the recent Republican presidential candidates. 

I don’t really think the Republican Party is against the Paris Accords because of policy issues.  Most major businesses aren’t against it.  Hell, Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein created his twitter account to knock Trump’s move. 

There is one reason – and one reason alone – that the party is lock step behind President Kremlin on his move today: it was a victory for Obama and therefore must be destroyed. 

That’s where we are, and what brings me to the Sentence of the Day.  Sorry it took so long to get here.  

It’s from Charlie Pierce

This was a speech written by a fool, to be delivered by a fool, with the presumption that a great percentage of its target audience is made up of fools.

That about sums it up. 

We’re getting to the point where fixing all of President Trump’s blunders is going to take four or five terms. 

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