Oh great, a new Comey conspiracy theory – and it’s asinine

Comey-FBI-PortraitImagine, if you will, being incredibly dim and wanting to prove it to everyone.
If you were, you might share this belief: That James Comey has been a plant in the justice department to fix the Clinton’s problems.

Yes, this an actual theory espoused and promoted by the increasingly growing bag of buffoons who are the thought leaders on the alt-reich.

Never mind that this 15 minutes blows a hole in their theory so large, you could push Saturn through it, these people are willing to believe anything that makes Comey look bad. Think about it. While I don’t believe the theory that Comey is the sole reason Hillary Clinton isn’t sitting in the White House overseeing a much safer and saner country than we are now in, I don’t see how anyone can think that press conference was anything other than a giant road block for Hillary.
And that press conference had a follow-up before the election that possibly did even more damage to Hillary’s candidacy. And even during his testimony on Thursday, Comey found time to back the integrity bus over Loretta Lynch.

Yeah, he’s a fixer for Clinton.

If you believe that and admit the Comey press conference, letter to congress about Hillary’s emails and testimony yesterday were actual events that happened in our universe, you have to believe that the Clinton’s didn’t want Hillary in the White House. That they didn’t want power. And that, in an of itself, knocks down almost every right wing talking point of the past 25 years. That’s the logical conclusion of believing Comey is a fixer for the Clintons.

And that brings us to another problem.

The Republican Party, historically, has been one of the most noble and important institutions in this country’s history. It played a major role in freeing the slaves. It played a major role in building up our infrastructure. It played a major role in the federally run conservation of land. It played a major role in the federal push for expansions of education.

All the while, it had its share of cranks, as does every party. But it kept them in check until 1964. Now the cranks have fully taken over the party, helped by the cult of Reagan and a national media too fearful of bias claims to provide an honest check on them.

So this story isn’t just being espoused by the wing nuts, it’s likely less than 18 hours from being the official party line.

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