You never know where life will take you

Three years ago, we decided to move home. Well, we didn’t know which home we would move toward, Molly’s in Southern New York or mine in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I also didn’t know what I would do. Would I be able to find a journalism job? Would I have to find a new career path? I wasn’t sure. We were taking a lot of chances. 

As I weighed possible career moves, one thought kept popping into my head: I think I’d like to teach. But I never brought it up with Molly. It would cost too much money to go back to school. What would I do in the meantime? Well, before I really got serious with the idea, the opportunity arrived to work for The Citizens’ Voice. I was elated. I’d move home, and work with people I really respected. But a seed had already been planted. 

I loved my time at the CV. I worked with great people. I wrote some stories I’m really proud of. I even won my first journalism awards.  But there were a lot of times I’d be sitting at my desk and suddenly think, “I want to teach.” 

Last fall, I told Molly that I wanted to change careers.  I was worried she’d say I was nuts. That she would say it was impossible. Instead, she said “Do it.” They were the first words out of her mouth. 

Well, we began looking at schools and weighing our options. It was one of the reasons I left the paper in January. I knew working as an editor, being a father of three and going back to school full time wouldn’t be easy. 

So I found a job with a start up that was involved with an industry I was interested in. I enjoyed that work too. My first few months were exciting. But I delved full bore into my application process and knew I wanted to become a teacher. 

The start-up didn’t work out for me. I don’t have any hard feelings for the people there. They’ve got a good thing going and I wish them all the best. It just wasn’t a good fit for either party. 

But last week I got my acceptance letter from Wilkes.  Today I got my University ID. It’s all real now and I couldn’t be more excited.  When I go for my nightly walks around Wilkes-Barre, I think about classroom lessons and different things.  

Meanwhile, I’m also doing freelance work and trying to find the perfect job – part time or full time – that will pay the bills and be enjoyable until I graduate. 


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