Office workers ranked

Just finished watching “The Office.” 

Started watching it, enthusiastically, when it first came out since it was based in my home town. 

But after the sixth season, it lost its luster and we watched other shows. We recently started the final seasons. The last season was as good as any of the original.  

Because I have nothing better to do, here’s my ranking of the best  characters on the show. 

Todd Packer

Deangelo Vickers


Bob Vance

Carol Stills 

Charles Miner

Mr. Brown

Hidetoshi Hasegowa

Roy Anderson

Jan Levinson-Gould

David Wallace 

Gabe Lewis


The Senator

Jo Bennet



Holly Flax



Robert California

Karen Filippelli

Mose Schrute 

Ryan Howard (real one)

Ryan Howard (BJ Novak)

Kelly Kapoor

Andy Bernard

Toby Flenderson

Creed Bratton

Erin Hanlon

Oscar Martinez

Angela Martin-Lipton-Schrute

Darryl Philbin

Meredith Palmer

Stanley Hudson

Phyllis Vance

Michael Scott

Dwight Schrute

Jim Halpert

Pam Beasley 

Kevin Malone

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