The ultimate baseball quiz

If you’re a baseball fan, you love proving your knowledge of the sport. Whether it’s some anecdote or stat about a player from your youth.

Well here’s a chance to prove how much you know. It’s the ultimate Major League Baseball Quiz. All of the links will take you to a Sporcle quiz. The website has timed, lists that test your knowledge on a subject. You fill in the blanks with the right answers. When your time is up, you’re, it will reveal what you got right and tell you the correct answers for what you missed.

Try to beat my scores.

The basics

We’ll start with the stuff every baseball fan should know a bit about.
List all of the World Series winners. You have 15 minutes. If you get a year wrong, you can try it again. I was able to do name with 8:15 remaining.

Name all the players in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. I got 186 of 249. That’s 75 percent. The average score is 55 percent.

Name the 22 managers in the Hall of Fame. I got 17. That’s 77 percent. The average fan gets 65 percent.

There are seven ways you can reach first base. Name them. The average fan can name five.

Exclusive groups

500 home run club: Name the 27 members of the 500 home run club. I nailed them all. The average fan can pull of 61 percent of them.

3,000 hit club: List the members of this exclusive group. The average test-taker nabs 52 percent of them. I had them all with 7:30 to spare.

300 wins: Name the 24 players in this category. The average score is 43 percent. I nailed 91 percent.

Multiple MVPs: Twenty-Seven players have won the award at least twice. The average fan can recall 52 percent. I nailed all of them.

Multiple Cy Young Awards: Eighteen pitchers have won the award two or more times. The average fan score is 49 percent. I got 94 percent.

Postseason Stars: Seven players have won the LCS and World Series MVP. I didn’t think I’d do it, but I got all of them. The average fan gets 63 percent.

Record holders

Name the ten players with seven or more World Series rings. I got seven of them, missing one very obvious guy.

Name the Triple Crown winners. I got all but one. This was tough. The average score is 68.

Name the 25 players who played the most games for one team during their entire career.

Name the 17 players who hit four home runs in one game. I got 12. The average score is 34 percent.

The stars

How well do you know the stars through the years? Check it out by taking these tests.

Name the All Star starters from the 2000s. I got 158 of 188. The average was 74 percent.

If you want to go back a bit farther, try to recall the starters from the 1990s. The average is 63 percent. This was my masterpiece. I got 170 of 190.

An even better test is the 1980 All Stars. The Average score is 71 percent. I barely beat it, with 140 of 182.

You can go back to the 1970s, too. Despite not having lived in the 1970s, I hit the average on the head, nailing 81 percent of the 180 starters.

See if you can name the top five single season home run records for each team. I got 126 of 165. The average score is 63 percent.

Who are the win leaders for each franchise? I thought this was the hardest and only got 14 of 30.

Name the top 100 home run hitters, without getting any wrong. This was tough. I got 70 percent.

Lastly, name the players with 100 stolen bases and 100 home runs with the same team. I got 60.




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