Spare me your shock

So, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinzki revealed that White House staffers told them President Trump would get the National Enquirer story about them sent to the circular file.

From Newsweek:

“We got a call that ‘hey the National Enquirer is going to run a negative story about you guys,’” Scarborough said. “And they said ‘if you call the president up and you apologize for your coverage then he would pick up the phone and basically spike this story.’”

His Excellency calls this a lie. Scarborough claims he has the texts (Paging Robert Mueller.)

This comes a day after Tiny Handser typed out an official White House document that dropped with gross sexism about Ms. Mika.

And we’re supposed to be shocked.


You didn’t expect this guy to be authoritiarian?

This guy who admits to “grabbing them by the pussy!”

This guy who asked Russia to hack his election opponent!

This guy who said he was going to prosecute his election opponent!

This guy who attacked our veterans and servicemen on multiple occasions!

This guy who rooted on his crowd to beat up protesters!

This guy who wanted to be president, but didn’t think he needed to brush up on some civics or how the government and military worked!

This guy who said, “I alone can fix it!”

All of that happened before the election, by the way.

That’s why, despite having reservations about Hillary Clinton, I voted for her knowing it would likely be the most patriotic thing I would ever do. Knowing a vote for her was a vote to protect the legacy of every man and woman who struggled at home and abroad to stop authoritarianism in World War II.

But, 63 million other Americans either had a pet issue important enough to cover their eyes to the real threat to democracy in America or actually we’re so full of cowardice and anger that they bought his vile swill.

And here we are.

It’s June. We’re five months into a 48-month presidency and you have no reason to be shocked.  None.

He and his people have lied about easily verifiable facts. Crowd sizes.

He’s compared the press to ISIS.

If you’re shocked by his behavior at this point, I have to wonder if you tie your own shoes.

What you should be shocked at is a National Republican Party, one of the proudest institutions in our country’s history, not just stepping aside for a racist, ignorant, spiteful simpleton.  You should be shocked it has actively cheered him on and continues to do so.

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