A visit to America’s first family of grifters

Long before the Klan Trump took over the government to form a utopia for grifters, the Family Paul sold some venomous snake oil.  

Today, The Eye Doctor checks in. He’s angry about some new policies of Secession Jefferson Beauregard Sessions’ Justice Department. 

“The Fifth Amendment protects us from the government depriving us of our property without due process of law. I oppose the government overstepping its boundaries by assuming a suspect’s guilt and seizing their property before they even have their day in court.”

As we all know, Rand has quite a following from the young kids who like his stances on herbs and war but havent spent much time looking at his character or other stances.

Well, here’s something to remember. It’s Paul’s vote when Sessions was up for confirmation.


For all those young libertarians out there, here’s a general rule for you: If someone claims to be libertarian and they aren’t avowed members of the ACLU, they aren’t really libertarian.  They’re selling you something you don’t want to buy.  

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