This is just a flabbergasting quote.  

Look, I spent 13 years in newsrooms. I made mistakes. I worked with people who made mistakes.  

I’d have never made up a story. No one I worked with did it. But even if I or they did, the repercussions would have been harsh. 

You’d be screamed at, ordered to gather up your things and sent out the door. You’d lose friends. You’d have no future in the business. 

But the admissions here about the Seth Rich story that FOXnews cravenly sold to its audience are horrifying. 

While working at five Newspapers, I worked alongside people of all political stripes. Liberal, conservative, pro-life, pro-choice, libertarians and socialists. We’re there agenda’s? Yes. But they usually weren’t the agendas people assume. 

One paper did more stories on historic places and such. One paper spent more resources reporting on crime than the others. The biases came from the type of reporting the staff or editors were interested in. We’re there decisions I didn’t agree with? Of course. 

Rarely did I see a story done to push an agenda.  I’d argue lack of coverage was a more prevalent issue.  But that’s another post for another day.  

I worked with many conservative journalists. I read several reputable conservative outlets. But FOX is a disgrace to all of them.  

When we were hiring at one of the papers, I had to do the phone interviews with applicants.  One interview shocked me. A kid recommended to me by a colleague started off impressing me. Then I asked him. A softball question. “What does journalism mean to you.”

His response horrified me. “It’s a way for me to get my opinions out there.” 

Look, a real journalists answer is something along the lines of “I like telling other people’s stories.”  

Anyway, I knew I didn’t want to hire the kid.  I ended our interview pretty quickly.  I checked out his social media pages just to do a follow up. 

Every now and then someone from the right of center – or right of the vast right of center – will tell me how a newsroom works. How it’s full of liberals pushing agendas. When they describe how this fantasy newsroom works, it’s essentially what FOX news looks like when you see stories like this. 

Any journalist with their salt would question the circumstances and narrative surrounding Rich’s murder.  But they wouldn’t manufacture a story.  And if they did, they’d be held responsible. 

Last I checked Sean Hannity was still selling the bullshit and had yet to be reprimanded.  

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