Dinesh D’Scuza

Is it a bad day to be Dinesh D’Souza? It’s always a bad day to be Dinesh D’souza!

D’Souza is the personification of the moral and intellectual pestilence that has infested the Republican Party for the entirety of my existence. 

It’s not shocking that Dinesh, who has long been divorced from objective reality, would argue that Lee opposed slavery. 

That argument has been based off of a few times Lee is supposed to have denounced the retched institution. Meanwhile, Lee owned slaves his entire life, did not free his slaves, and was known as a brutal master.

Let’s be honest, there were no non-brutal masters. 

And please, spare me the historically inaccurate premise that people didn’t know better. 

By 1860, these countries has banned the practice: England (1833), Spain (1811), France (1848). 

It had also been banned in many states. Hell, several founding fathers were abolitionists at the birth points in our country’s history. 

D’Souza is supposed to be a thought leader on the conservative part of the aisle. Like Pat Buchannan and Steve Bannon, he needs to be forcefully excized from the party. 

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