You want statues? I got your statues

If Americans truly want to memorialize our history, warts and all, here are 10 people and incidents who deserve more memorials.

These states, like those of confederate generals don’t just have to be in the place of their birth. Put them all around the land. 

The list is in no particular order. 

Stono Rebellion happened before the colonies rebelled against King George. In 1739, slaves revolted in South Carolina. More than 80 people died as slaves tried to regain the humanity denied them. 

Delano Grape Strike happened was a huge victory for United Farm Workers. 

Crispus Attucks was the first colonist killed in the Revolutionary War. 

Benjamin Banneker was a free black man who gained renoun as an author and surveyor. He was one of the primary surveyors of the land that became our capital. 

Leonard Deadwyler was racing to the hospital with his pregnant wife beside him when police shot and killed him in 1967.

Noriko Sawada Bridges Flynn lived in an internment camp and helped overturn interracial marriage bans. 

Thurgood Marshall was a giant of American law before he donned the robes of an associate Justice of the Suoreme Court of the United States. There are not nearly enough statues in his honor. 

Diane Nash was a dedicated and powerful leader in the Civil Rights moment whose work was too often unsung. 

Wesley Norris was one of Robert E. Lee’s slaves. His story is proof that Lee was far from a gentleman when it came to slavery. 

Robert Smalls was an American slave who escaped the conferacy by commandeering a battle ship and making his way north, A total American badass, he later became a member of congress. 
Look, this list is far from comprehensive. I could do a list that was 100 monuments strong.  What person or event would you like to see memorialized? 

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