Once again: It is happening here

Every time I think it’s unfair to compare the Trump administration and its followers to actual Nazis, I find a parallel that frightens the bejesus out of me. 

I was completely unaware of the fact Nazis tried to deport the children. In 1942, they made the Jews pick which children to send. In 2017, the White Nationalist White House is making congress decidethe fate of the children.  

Yes, I know the kids today are grown up. But their “crime” stems from them coming here as children. 

One of the most terrifying things about Nazi germany is how it was good people who did the deeds. The Nazis found systematic ways to make sure blood wasn’t just on officials hands.  

A grievous blow has struck the ghetto. They are asking us to give up the best we possess … the children and the elderly.

Yesterday afternoon, they gave me the order to send more than 20,000 Jews out of the ghetto, and if not – “We will do itl” So, the question became: “Should we take it upon ourselves, do it ourselves, or leave it for others to do?”

Well, we – that is, I and my closest associates – thought first not about “How many will perish?” but “How many is it possible to save?” And we reached the conclusion that, however hard it would be for us, we should take the implementation of this order into our own hands.

I must perform this difficult and bloody operation – I must cut off limbs in order to save the body itself – I must take children because, if not, others may be taken as well, God forbid.

[Horrible wailing.]

If you consider yourself a good person, a patriot, the time to stand up is passing you by. 

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