Dad’s first day of school

It’s been 14 years, but I’m officially a college student again. As I explained previously, I’m working toward a Master’s in Education  online through Wilkes University with the hopes of one day teaching middle school English.  

I couldn’t be doing this without the tremendous support Molly gives me. 

To be honest, I was pretty nervous yesterday, which was the first day I could log into my class programs. It’s been 14 years, can I handle a class load? How would I handle the online classes. It would mean I’d have to be very dedicated. I couldn’t let the kids distract me when I was working on class. I was going to have to be more disciplined than I’ve ever been. Can I really do this?

When I logged into my main class, one of my first assignment was to introduce myself. Another student had already introduced herself.  She graduated more recently than I did, but she was also coming from communications. I felt a connection. By the time I’d read her introduction, another student had posted his.  He’d graduated college before I started high school. Another non-traditional student. I felt a connection. 

Today I woke up, concentrating on getting Michael off to school. It’s only four blocks away, up hill. So we walk. As I got out the door, I thought, “Hey, I should get a picture of my first day at school.” 

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