Where is the libertarian outrage?

I’ve got no problem with NFL players taking a knee. I also have no qualms with an owner who wants to cater to the easily offended and punish their players financially. And I have no problem with fans turning off the NFL. 

Each action is part of a public debate and I’m fine with that debate taking place. I hope sunlight hits the darker parts of our society for the first time.  

What I cannot abide is a president, American government in human form, calling for a boycott. That’s it of line. 

What doesn’t surprise me is that we’re not hearing from the “libertarian” crowd. If ever there was an example of the executive branch trying to influence private industry, this is it. 

So, if you’re silent now, we know a little more about your politics.  I’ve been suspicious of most of today’s “libertarian” crowd for quite awhile. 

If they’re quiet after today, it confirms my worst suspicions. 

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