Big fam on campus

The boy has been asking me about school. Where do I go? When do I go? Who is my teacher?

So I explained that I go to school on my computer, but that school is right down the street. 

“Can I go see it?”

Why not, I figured. So Tuesday the whole family got together and checked out Wilkes University. Molly made sure we visited the Library, which Minnie and Michael loved. There are some impressive model shops – including Old Ironsides – and a model colonial house inside. We also checked out the education building. And we visited the Aurnaud Marts Center. 

Part of the facility that is used by the varsity sports teams was left open. It’s a little field with hash marks and some equipment was left out. I told the kids they couldn’t touch the equipment, but I didn’t see any problem with them running around on the AstroTurf. They had a blast.  Michael kept trying to beat Molly and I in races. 

One of the other spots we visited was the statue of John Wilkes, whom the university is named after. 

While he wasn’t a founding father, like John Locke, his beliefs and actions inspired many of our founders. I think I’ll do a little post on him some other day because he’s quite the fascinating figure. A real rapscallion. 

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