When the president abandons the people

My God!  That’s the President of the United States saying we should abandon our fellow citizens because they’ve been hit with two hurricanes. 

I didn’t know there was a limit. Someone should let Florida know. And Louisiana. And Texas. 

The mind truly melts over the content of this official declaration by a sitting president. While I think he has other reasons for abandoning Puerto Ricans – I’ll get to that in a bit – let’s start with a fresh reminder of Puerto Rican citizenship.

They are citizens. Combined, they pay $3 billion in taxes a year. More than 116,000 Puerto Rican’s are veterans.  They vote in presidential races. 

So Trump’s statements on the tragedy in Puerto Rico and his administration’s lackadaisical response to it, are gross, negligent and evil. 

Based on his track record, we know why he’s reacting the way he is. First of all, Puerto Rico isn’t his base. If you’re not his base, he couldn’t give less of a damn about you. And that’s just slightly less than he cares about his base. Second of all, Puerto Rican’s have a different pigmentation than he prefers. 

The laundry list of evidence that Trump is a White Nationalist is long and horrifying. But this is the topper. People might die because of it. 

Trump’s poll numbers have been swirling in the bowl from the get-go, and this episode should drag them down more. 

We’re long past the point where this little man in the world’s biggest job deserves to be removed. 

But the bigger lesson from this tragedy is that it’s long past time that Puerto Rico becomes a state or it should be given full independence. I’d welcome their statehood. 

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