Nap time: the play-by-play

Snippy got tossed out of the bed like he was a combatant in the 1992 Royal Rumble.

I’m sitting her blogging while my youngest coo-coos as she reigns a holy terror in my bedroom. 

9:05: I laid her down five minutes ago, at 9 a.m., about an hour before I normally do. I noticed she was holding her ear and yawning and picked her up. When she put her head on my shoulder, I figured it was time. She was groggy and snugly when I put her head on the bed. 

Somewhere between my shoulder and the bed, she apparently consumed 16 ounces of Mountain Dew.

9:07: My oldest child crawled. The second child butt scootched. If you don’t know what that is, the only way to describe it is the child is in a sitting position and with her legs stretched out propels herself along the floor.

This move has two benefits. First, it’s adorable. Second, you don’t have to mop your floors as much. Mary spends half her time butt schootching and the other half crawling. Right now, she’s buttschootching around the bed.

9:10: She’s humming and eating a toe while I try to listen to the Poscast. 

9:12: She put her head down.  Here we go.

9:12: She’s up. Damn.

9:13: In a move that would have made Brett Hitman Hart proud, I picked her up, flipped her around and gently put her down without coming anywhere close to injuring her.  

9:16: After playing with her Snoopy Doll, using moves that would also make Brett “Hitman” Hart approve, she’s down. Her head is on my shoulder. Her right hand is tugging on her ear.  Her left thumb is in her mouth. Is this victory? 

9:19: The eyes are shut! The eyed are shut!

9:20: Do I move her to the crib? It’s safer there, but she might wake up. I would prefer to start this process in the crib, but Mary appears to believe falling asleep in the crib will lead to her being drawn and quartered.  That’s the only way to explain the way she cries then. 

Also, her being on our bed means I can clean her room. 

9:23: Time to clean the kids’ rooms. The Poscast is breaking down the MLB Postseason. 

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