Inside the Den of Rabid Vipers that is Brietbart

Buzzfeed is a lot more than listcicles and fan quizzes. Those kitschy clickholes bring in money that fund a pretty intrepid journalistic outfit. 

Don’t believe me? Check this story out on criminal justice abuses after Katrina.

Well, now they have their sites set on Brietbart, Milo and Bannon. They have a fascinating story on the way the crew at that website tried to whitewash Neonazis and White Supremacists. 

Well it’s full of bonkers nuggets. But we should probably expect that. Brietbart is a den of rabid, entitled vipers. 

First of all, Milo “The Greek God of Dim Bulbs” Yiannopoulos has a ghost writer. As someone who spent more than a decade in several newsrooms, it would be outrageous to have someone do the reporting on the story, hand if off to someone else to write it and then not have that product given a double byline.  

Second of all, Steve Bannon, who was hired to be a chief policy mind for the current occupant of the Oval Office, writes texts and emails like a drunk frosh in the middle of pledge week. 

“Dude!!! LMAO! … Epic.”

This isn’t a joke. That was one of his texts. Here’s another. 

“U don’t need that,” Bannon responded. “Just get in the fight—ur Social Media and they have made it a powerful weapon of war. … There is no war correspondent in the west yet dude and u can own it and be remember for 3 generations–or sit around wasting your God-given talents jerking off to your fan base.”

He must need to save a lot of time if he has to drop the Y and the O from “you.” 

Another thing that shocked me is that Milo would allow his sources to see his stories before publication, seemingly to get their approval. That these sources were white nationalists and Neonazis doesn’t matter. You don’t do that for anyone when you’re a legitimate news outlet. 

I guess that’s the point. Breitbart isn’t a legit news outlet. Anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex knows that.  It’s a group of goobers with an awful agenda. 

Of course, the big thing you should take away from the story isn’t the cretinous journalistic malfeasance. It’s that these guys were actively trying to make regular Americans buy into neo-Nazi and white nationalist rhetoric and beliefs.

And judging by the results since 11/9, they succeeded marvelously.  

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