Down for the count

The youngest is sick and it made me realize something. It’s probably far from an original thought.

Based on her behavior, her throat is sore. She’s fine drinking her milk, but doesn’t want to eat anything, not even her favorite treats. She pushed away the cinnamon toast. She sent the Veggie Straws straight to the floor.

I know I hate having a soar throat. It’s one of my least favorite things on the planet and makes me want to find a hole to crawl in. I’ll pour hot tea down my throats in hopes I burn that sucker out. Yes, I know that doesn’t work. But the point is soar throats suck.

And I think this is her first.

So this might be the worst day of her young life. And she has no idea what is going on.

She’s napped all day. When she wakes up, she immediately starts whimpering. She grabs at her ears and throat. So she wants to be held. I’ve barely put her down all day.

I don’t mind.

But the thought keeps coming back. She doesn’t know what this is. It’s the worst feeling she’s ever had.

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