When Aaron Judges teaches us about Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn’s career was incredibly freakish.

At least once a month, I come across a Tony Gwynn fact that boggles the mind.

Now this one is strange because it’s a weird comparison. Tony Gwynn and Aaron Judge are vastly different players. One is a beast of a creature who launches frequent home runs into far off lands. The other was a lithe, graceful slap-hitter who played efficient defense and stole lots of bases before becoming a plump man who still marveled with his bat.

However what I’m about to tell you is crazy. So crazy that when I read it, I couldn’t believe it was true.

Aaron Judge has struck out 19 times in 8 post season games. That’s believable. It’s easy to see any big leaguer pull that off.

Tony Gwynn, however, struck out 19 or fewer times in 11 of his 20 seasons.

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