What I saw

My friend Joe challenged me to post a series of black-and-white photos on my Facebook page for seven days, starting today.

I thought this would be fairly easy.

This was the first shot I got.

Mary was crying, she didn’t want to nap. The struggle is real every day. I liked it because of the detail on the fingers of her left hand. But I decided not to go with the crying photo.

I started to post this, then I noticed the challenge said people couldn’t be in it.

I love this shot, so I posted it anyway. I took several of her making faces, including this one.

I really like this one.

But I went around the house looking for non people things to shoot.

I ended up in our baseball-themed guest room.

Here are some of the shots.

I like how the four pitchers are in each part of the throwing motion, from the tuck through the follow-through. Nolan Ryan is in the tuck, Pedro Martinez is striding, Sever has landed and is pushing his weight forward, then Rollie Fingers is following through.

I also like the Robinson shot, with his ghosts of baseball past out of focus behind him.

I ended up with this. I liked the detail on the figurine’s cleats.

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