Grocery store Waldo

The Boy has gotten into the habit of trying to be a secret agent when we go shopping. He scuttles along the aisles, finding places to hide. He’ll run an aisle over, sprint past it, and run back up the aisle I’m in so that he can come up behind me.

He has a running dialogue about “covering” and “enemy spotted” and some such.

This is better than when he would run away for new reason.

However, it does drive me nuts. I don’t want him bothering other people. It usually takes a few “Stops” before he gets the message, but once he does, he forlornly trots up to the cart like a wounded pup.

Tonight, during half time of the Penn State-Michigan game, I let him run free since the store was empty save another couple and their newborn.

See if you can spot him.

I vaguely remember hiding in the clothes racks at Kmart when I was a kid, so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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