The Southpaw’s Official World Series predictions

I’m not really a betting man.

Yes you are.

No really, I’m not.

What about the Sixers?

Friendly bets in which I wager a meal don’t count.

OK, sure.

Really. I’m not a gambler. I live within ten miles of a casino and I’ve gambled there two times. I’m not a gambling man.

Wanna bet?

I see what you’re trying to do. And this internal dialogue is kind of pathetic. Everyone knows you’re doing it to get to some fun prop bets to preview the 2017 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros.

Well, let’s get started then.

Sounds good.

1. Let’s start with games played in the series. There has been an average of 5.5 games for each World Series. Over or under the average?

Under. Easy. I don’t see the Astros winning more than a game.

2. Both teams finished within the top 5 in their leagues in home runs. Will there be more or less than 12.5 home runs in this series?

That’s tough. Last year’s went 7 games and featured 15 home runs. I’m going with

3. Under. Last year’s ratings – with the Cubs in search of their first World Series win in more than 100 years – was the highest since the Red Sox broke their curse. The three highest rated World Series this century were 2004, 2001 and 2016. Will this year’s fall classic join them in passing the 20 Million mark?

Yes. You’ve got two exciting teams, the best pitcher in baseball, one team that hasn’t won and is from a city that recently suffered a natural disaster and another historic team that hasn’t won since the Reagan administration.

4. Let’s look at some individual performances. How many innings will Clayton Kershaw pitch? 12.5

Going with the over. I think he’ll get two starts. I think he’ll go more than 6 innings in one.

5. Will Justin Verlander pitch more than 15.5 innings?

Dude is good. He’s a workhorse. He could be the Jack Morris of this series. If it goes more than five, it will be because of him. I’m hedging my bets and saying yes.

6. Will Lance McCuller’s pitch more than 9.5 innings?

The Astros are going to have to rely on him in the pen and rotation. I say yes.

7. Will Kenley Janson pitch more than 5 innings?


8. Let’s go to the offense. Will Justin Turner have 4.5 extra-base hits?

Unless he gets hurt, this is basically a lock.

9. Josh Reddick has two postseason home runs in 32 games. Will he hit a home run?


10. Jose Altuve 2.5 stolen bases.


11. Chase Utley has an awesome record in the World Series, but he’s a shadow of the player he was. 2.5 runs scored.


12. Last one. More hits. Carlos Beltran or Curtis Granderson?


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