One of America’s best – and least known – conspiracies

Felix Frankfurter has one of the greatest names in American history. First of all, it’s alliteration, and who doesn’t love alliteration. Second of all, Felix is fun. And Frankfurter sounds downright Dickensian. That’s perfect because Frankfurter, a longtime and influential Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, might be the closest thing to a real life Ebenezer Scrooge, without the salvation at the end of the story.

Instead, we get a heist mystery.

Radialab’s More Perfect has the rundown on how Frankfurter’s papers went missing during the Nixon Era. Could it really be that people trying to save the reputation of an aspiring Supreme Court justice really nicked them?

Check out RadioLab’s podcast on the incident for a great explanation.

But while everyone starts talking about the JFK assassination conspiracy theories, wrap your mind around this one.

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