Game 7, a history

World Series. Game 7. They’re magical words. For more than a century, children grew up dreaming about being the batter or pitcher who is the hero in that situation.

Here’s a rundown of how the games have turned out.

The blowouts (7)

1909 – Pittsburgh Pirates 8, Detroit Tigers 0: Babe Adams won his third game of the series. 1934 – St. Louis Cardinals 11, Detroit Tigers 0: a seven-run third inning culminated in Ducky Medwick having to leave the field in a hail of bottles and food. 1945 – Detroit Tigers 9, Chicago Cubs 3: Detroit exploded for five first inning runs and never looked back. 1956 – New York Yankees 9, Brooklyn Dodgers 0: Johnny Kucks tossed a complete game and Yogi Berra launched two home runs. 1957 – Milwaukee Braves 5, New York Yankees 0: With Warren Spahn battling illness, the Braves turned to Lee Burdette. He didn’t let them down. 1967 – St. Louis Cardinals 7, Boston Red Sox 2: Boston couldn’t answer Bob Gibson. 1985- Kansas City Royals 11, St. Louis Cardinals 0: Bret Saberhagen was unbeatable.

The Duds (5)

1941 – St. Louis Cardianals 4, Philadelphia Athletics 2: Burliegh Grimes a 4-0 gem with two outs in the 9th1947 – New York Yankees 5, Brooklyn Dodgers 2: Joe Page held the Dodgers down in a strong relief role. 1975 – Oakland Athletics 5, New York Mets 2: Reggie Jackson homered. Of course. 2002 – Anaheim Angels 4, San Francisco Giants 1: The Giants never threatened after Garret Anderson’s third inning double. 2011: St. Louis Cardinals 6, Texas Rangers 4: Chris Carpenter was a big game pitcher.

Tight games (20)

1925 – Pittsburg Pirates 9, Washington Senators 7: Despite terrible weather and innefectiveness, Bucky Harris left Walter Johnson in the entire game. 1926 – St. Louis Cardinals 3, New York Yankees 2: Babe Ruth was caught stealing to end the Series. Ancient Grover Cleveland Alexander was the hero. 1940: Cincinnati Reds 2, Detroit Tigers 1: Bono Newsome’s father didn’t see him lose game 7, because he died after watching the son pitch Game 1. 1946: St. Louis Cardinals 4, Boston Red Sox 3: Enos Slaughter’s Mad Dash gave the Cardinals the lead in the bottom of the eight, mere minutes after the Red Sox had tied the game. 1952 – New York Yankees 4, Brooklyn Dodgers 2: Mickey Mantle had a homer in the sixth and a two-run single in the seventh. 1955 – Brooklyn Dodgers 2, New York Yankees 0: The Bums finally won, thanks to a dominant start from Johnny Podres. 1958 – New York Yankees 6, Milwaukee Braves 2: The score was tied st 2 in the eighth when the Yankees erupted. 1962 – New York Yankees 1, San Francisco Giants 0: Ralph Terry went from goat to hero in two years. But Willie McCovey almost made him a goat twice. 1964 – St. Louis Cardinals 7, New York Yankees 5: The Cardinals bounced out to a 6-0 lead that Bob Gibson could barely hold. 1965: Los Angeles Dodgers 2, Minnesota Twins 0: Sandy Koufax’ masterpiece. On two days’ rest, he tossed a 3-hitter. 1968 – Detroit Tigers 4, St. Louis Cardinals 1: Mickey Lolich versus Bob Gibson. Game was a shutout going into the seventh. 1971 – Pittsburgh Pirates 2, Baltimore Orioles 1: Steve Blass was lights out. 1972 – Oakland Athletics 3, Cincinnati Reds 2: Gene Tenace’s double was the difference. 1975 – Cincinnati Reds 4, Red Sox 3: Joe Morgan gave the Reds the lead with a two-out hit in the top of the ninth. The Red Sox blew a 3-0 lead. 1979 – Pittsburgh Pirates 4, Baltimore Orioles 1: The Orioles had the bases loaded in the 8th with Eddie Murray at the plate. Willie Stargell led the Pirates with a home run. 1982 – St. Louis Cardinals 6, Milwaukee Brewers 3: The Redbirds scored five runs from the 6th through eighth innings, to overcome a 3-1 deficit. 1986 – New York Mets 8, Boston Red Sox 5: From 46-86, Boston would lose three game 7, despite having 3-0 leads in two of them. 1987 – Minnesota Twins 4, St. Louis Cardinals 2: Sometimes the biggest plays are the smallest plays.The Twins took the lead on a ground out in the sixth. 2014 – San Francisco Giants 3, Kansas Coty Royals 2: Madison Bumgarner, on two-days’ rest pitched 5 innings of relief. 2016 – Chicago Cubs 8, Cleveland Indians 7: the game featured a rain delay, and saw the Cubs, who overcame a 3-games-to-1 deficit, become the first road team to win in extra innings.

The walk offs (2)

1960 – Pittsburgh 10, New York Yankees 9: Bill Mazeroski hits the only Game 7-ending home run. The Yankees out scored the Pirates in the Series, but it didn’t matter because the Buccos were on top after the fourth and final lead change of this game. 2001 – Arizona Diamondbacks 3, New York Yankees 2: Luis Gonzales lofted a soft line drive out of Derek Jeter’s reach off of Mariano Rivera.

Extra-inning Walk-offs (4)

1912 – Boston Red Sox 3, New York Giants 2: In the 11th inning, Christy Mathewson took the loss thanks two two blunders in the field including Fred Snodgrass’ “$30,000 muff.” Technically, this was Game 8, because of a tie earlier in the series. 1924 – Washington Senators 4, New York Giants 3: The only 12-inning Game 7 ends because of a dropped fly ball and a bad-hop grounder. Walter Johnson, the greatest pitcher in history, gets the win coming in in the ninth inning and pitching through the 12th. 1991 – Minnesota Twins 1, Atlanta Braves 0: Jack Morris gutted out a 10-inning masterpiece to beat a valiant John Smoltz. Gene Larkin had the game-winner. 1997 – Marlins 3, Indians 2: The Indians had the lead and a great closer on the mound, so it looked like they would win their first World Series in 49 years. Edgar Renteria drove in the game-winner in the 11th.

A few notes

  • There have been 38 Game 7s.
  • One has ended in a home run.
  • Five have gone to extra innings.
  • Six have ended in walkoffs.
  • Thanks to the 2014 Royals and 2016 Indians, home teams are 19-19 in Game 7.

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