The proper schedule for putting up Christmas decorations

Halloween is Opening Day for the Holiday season. How seriously, you decorate before that holiday is basically how you would treat Spring Training. It’s not required that you win, but you do have to do PFP, calisthenics, and get into some game action. So you should have the bare basics. Something black and orange. A pumpkin or two.

But Halloween night, when the kiddies come around, you better bring your A game. It’s the first time people are paying attention. It sets the mood for the season.

Here’s how you should treat the rest of the season.

Nov. 1 – Take em down!

Getthe Halloween decorations down. This is of utmost importance. Don’t slack off here.

Nov. 1/First Saturday in November – Let there be lights

Get thelights up! The ones outside, at least. Except for checking them, there is no need to turn them on. You get them up this early for two reasons. First, it’s warmer out. Second, you get to find out which sets don’t work after their hibernation. Yes, you can scream obscenities once you’ve hit the third strand that doesn’t light. Any Thanksgiving decorations should be up by the time the kids are digging into their homework on Sunday night.

Second weekend in November – Show off

You have them up, anyway. Just turn the damn things on. Any windows that don’t have Thanksgiving decorations, can have unlit Christmas decorations. It’s also worthwhile to get the house prepared for the inside decorations. This means cleaning and rearranging furniture.

Third week in November – The Big Game

This is the week. If you have a train set that doesn’t go around your tree, get it up. If you have any big inside decorations, get them up. This is tough because you’re likely getting ready for The Big Meal. Put things in perspective. Thanksgiving is one night. The Holiday Season is 75 days. Strike a balance. You also need to have the outside yard decorations up by now.

Black Friday – Stuff the Turkeyday Stuff

Get any Thanksgiving decorations down.

Thanksgiving Weekend -Tree for all

Get your artificial trees up. We have three. Maybe you have one, either way, Christmas time is here. Its Christmas Music time too. It was OK to have a smattering of it before this. Now, all other music stops. Even the “Hamilton” soundtrack.

Last weekend in November – Christmas Eve – Adding to your display

You’ll surely see somedecorations you like. Grab ’em and get them up.

Jan. 8 – Take it down

Little Christmas and Russian Christmas are over. It’s safe to take the decorations down without setting a Russian or Irish curse upon your family.

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  1. I am so on board with your schedule! Though as a Canadian, who observed Thanksgiving at the beginning of October, I always think of Halloween as Christmas Music Eve, and I am playing Christmas tunes loud and exclusively until January 1st!

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