The darling of the religious right

Long before today, republicans and libertarians should have rejected Roy Moore as a candidate for United States Senate. The man had to twice be removed from the Alabama State Supreme Court for disobeying the law. A problem with these hyper-partisan times is that everyone thinks the other guy is against the Constitution. As a judge and a candidate, Roy Moore bragged about his disdain for the Constitution. For example, the constitution expressly says there can be no religious tests to hold office. Roy Moore has said members of the Muslim faith shouldn’t be allowed to hold office.

In other words, as of last night, Roy Moore’s candidacy had more red lines than a barber pole.

Well, today the Washington Post reported an incredibly well sourced and reported story that claims Moore forced himself on teenagers several decades ago. One would think this should further disqualify the bigoted rube from holding high office. One should also remember our president bragged about doing the exact same thing before 60 million people voted for him.

We all remember there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the family values crowd when the “Access Hollywood” tape dropped. Jason Chaffetz didn’t know how he could look his daughters in the eye, before supporting Trump full stop. A very Serious Eddie Munster-look alike named Paul Ryan had to think very carefully about what the tape meant. Then he did a keg stand on the Trump Trough.

It’s interesting that a year later, establishment republicans seem to be taking a tougher stance on Moore. Mitch McConnell has all-but called for him to step aside tonight. The thing is, the Republican Patricians never warmed to the roguish Moore.

But deep down in the state of Alabama – which is the worst state in the Union by miles – the reaction is terrifying.

“There is nothing wrong with a 30-year-old single male asking a 19-year-old, a 17-year-old, a 16-year-old on a date,” one elected official told Danial Dale.

Reread that vile sentence.


Then there is this one.

You know what? I’m not voting for a candidate in either party who has done what Moore is accused of. I’ll proudly pull the lever for the other party, Democratic, Republican or Green.

Alabama’s Auditor General used the Holy Family to defend child rape.

All I have to say is “John 11:35

Where do we go from here? Well, if recent history tells us anything, Roy Moore won’t leave the race. And he probably wins, getting votes from people who thought Hillary Clinton’s gang sold child sexual slaves out of a pizza joint.

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