Seeing Penn State on the road

It’s been killing me that I haven’t gotten Mary to many Penn State events. She’s been to a pancake breakfast and that’s it. By the time her older siblings were her age, they’d been to basketball games, football games and other events. So when I saw that Penn State’s No. 1 ranked wrestling team was going to play at Binghamton Friday, I knew we had to make the hour drive.

It was worth the trip, and not just because the two-time defending champions won 40-2 either.

Memories flooded back to when I covered the wrestling team with Zak Young. Zak ended up becoming one of my favorite people. He knew wrestling and I didn’t. He taught me a ton on that beat. We also had a chance to cover some pretty fantastic athletes.

Friday was fun because the kids had never been to a wrestling meet. It was clear early on that Michael thought we were going to see professional wrestling. But he seemed to have a blast.

Early on, I walked each kid down to where the wrestlers walk into and out of the arena. Michael and Minnie wished them all luck and congratulated them on their way back. Minnie even got a wave from wrestling legend Cael Sanderson.

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