Delusion in Chief

I cannot believe what I just read. Seriously. I actually, for a brief moment, thought CNN posted fake news. Then it all came rushing back to me. That a man who lied in one year more than any politician had lied in their life time is president. That he’s said some white nationalists and neo-Nazis are good people. That he, and republicans are supporting a man who admits to hitting on teenagers.

President Trump has claimed the “Access Hollywood” tape is fabricated. We shouldn’t be shocked of course he has. His default tact is to lie.

What should terrify us, is that beyond all logic, his cult will lap it up and regurgitate it.

They’ll do this despite the fact that if it were true, Trump would have shouted it from the rooftops the day the tape dropped. He didn’t. They’ll do this despite months of the party-line defense being that it was “locker room talk,” a tacit admission of guilt. They’ll do this despite many of them not just admitting the tape’s veracity themselves, but citing it as a reason they voted for him.

We’ve reached the point where, if Trump said Jesus lived in the fifth century and rode around Tunisia in a Cadillac, Franklin Graham and other Evangelical right wingers would incorporate that into their sermons and talking points. If Trump said he beat FDR in a round of golf, Paul Ryan would congratulate him.

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