It’s all over, but the shoutin’

I didn’t expected President Trump to last a full year in office. Not because he’d be impeached or because of a 25th amendment palace coup, mind you. I expected him to throw up his hands, blame everyone around him and shout “I’m done.” He’s a lazy, incompetent, vainglorious fopdoodle. A little man like him was never going to be successful in the world’s biggest job.

But it’s over. He’s the lamest duck we’ve had in the office. We know this for two reasons. And no, it’s not because he has one policy accomplishment and one legislative accomplishment in an entire year that was riddle with own goals, unnecessary scandals and being derided abroad.

  1. Special Counsel Robert Mueller just hooked Herr Trump’s former National Security Advisor on a 0 to 6-month plea deal for crimes that could have mean 30 years.
  2. His lawyer told Axios, “President cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer under [the Constitution’s Article II] and has every right to express his view of any case.” You don’t say that if your client didn’t obstruct justice.

It’s a stunning statement.

First of all, it’s untethered from the reality of the world.

What was one of the four articles of impeachment brought by  Republican against President Bill Clinton? You guessed it. Obstruction of Justice. Here’s the full text of that particular article of impeachment. What was the first article of impeachment brought against Richard Nixon? That’s right, obstruction of justice. Again, here’s the full text of that article.

So three presidents, Andrew Johnson, Nixon and Clinton, have faced impeachment, two were impeached. Clinton, one of those who was impeached faced an obstruction of justice charge. Nixon resigned before the impeachment vote could be taken, faced a charge of obstruction of justice.

Second of all, it’s a clear sign members of the president’s team know he’s in the end game.

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