Romney has the decency Hatch lacks

Orrin Hatch, the bridge troll in an ill-fitting Brooks Brothers’ suit, who has held one of Utah’s two senate seats since Father Mulcahey was scampering around inside your parents box TV has announced his retirement. Hatch began his lust for power and stripping poor kids of government assistance during the Punic Wars.

This, of course, opens the door for Willard “Mitt” Romney to run for the senate. Many in the punditry heard Handel’s angels. You see, Mitt is a moderate, they would tell you. A moderate, he is not. But Mitt does have something in spades that Orrin Hatch and Herr Presidente Naranja are void of:


Does that mean he understands what the working men and women of this country need at this moment and in the future? Lord almighty, no. But the United States senate could use a boost of decency.

Romney would vote the same as Hatch on ACA repeal and the Republican’s recent Donor Handjob of 2017. But he’d also likely break with the president on some non-republican orthodoxy that Herr Trump has peddled. And that’s a good thing.

Hatch is the epitome of the dastardly politician that people imagine. Hell, he thanked the Salt Lake City Tribune for its scathing editorial of why he was Utahn of the Year. He either knew he was trolling people or he didn’t read beyond the headline.

Romney, like President Obama or a Kirsten Gillebrand, has plenty of faults. They’re all human, after all. But they got into politics because of their ideals. For the most part, they’ll stick to they’re ideals. We should expect them to.

The difference between the ideals of a Hatch/Trump and a Romney is that Romney, like the Democrats mentioned above, understands the service part of the job.

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