My 6-year-old is all about Martin Luther King Jr. Since early last week, he’s been talking about January 15 and it being Martin Luther King’s Birthday. He was excited his grandfather was going to be here on that special day. Basically, Dr. King is now up there with Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and Iron Man in my son’s eyes.

What’s funny is we’ve read “Martin’s Big Words” to Mike several times. We have a picture of him in my office, which is shared with the kids’ play kitchen and Thomas the Tank Engine toys. But the boy never took as much of an interest until this year.

He’s been wanting to watch YouTube videos and read more about King.

So I decided to have a conversation with him, to see what exactly he knows about Dr. King.

Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday?

Because he was a hero and he saved the world because the laws were bad laws. Only white people could sit in the front of the bus and black people could only sit in the bus. So Martin Luther King changed that by people … they didn’t take the bus.

Why do you think those laws were wrong?

They wouldn’t let black people drink from water fountains.

Is that fair?

No. Because it’s mean.

Do you think he was a hero? What made him a hero?

He was strong and he changed the rules.

Do you know about any of his friends?


Did you know that when you were a little baby you met one of his friends?

No. Wait, some of his friends are still alive?


Did I like him?

Yes. He tickled you and he signed your book.


Did you know he went to jail?

At first I didn’t, but on Kid President, I heard it. Guess what? Kid President went to the real White House and he met the real Barrack Obama.

What do you think it was like for him to go to jail?

Sad. But he wrote letters to the President.

If you could meet him, what would you ask him?

How many speeches did you give and what did you say in them?

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