Baseball has the best names

My buddy Dave shared a meme on my Facebook wall today that helped you pick out your 18th century baseball name. It had fun nicknames based on your first initial and great baseball last names based on your last name.

It was quite fun. It also made me think of my favorite baseball names. Here they are:

Hall of fame division

Catfish Hunter dominated the American League as an Oakland Athletic and New York Yankee. A’s owner Charley Finley gave him the nickname as a marketing tool.

Dizzy Dean famously got hit in the head by a ball. Headlines the next day said X-rays of his head showed nothing.

Enos Slaughter had a funny enough name it was a punchline in Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” But he had a fierce bat,

Frankie Frisch owns the greatest alliterative name in history. He also has a kickass nickname, “The Fordham Flash.” Frisch hit .316

Heinie Manush was born Henry Emmett Manush in Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1901. He hit a robust .330 in the major leagues.

Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown earned his “Three Finger” nickname when he lost two digits in a childhood accident. He has the third best career ERA.

Mule Suttles starred in the negro leagues before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. Known for prodigious home runs, he’s probably one of the best players to ever pick up a bat.

Pud Galvin won more than 300 games in his career, becoming the first player to pull off the feat. His parents named him Hames Francis.

Yogi Berra gained fame while mangling the language in a career that included winning 10 World Series rings and three MVPs. He was born Lawrence Peter Berra.

No way! Division

Bud Weiser is the pride of Shamokin, Pa. he played in 41 games. Cannonball Titcomb had a brief Major League career. During that time, people called him by his first name, Ledell. His nickname arrived after his last game. Coco Crisp was born Covelli Crisp. He hit 130 home runs and stole 309 bases. Milton Bradley is his given name. He played in one All Star Game.

Modern gems

Oil Can Boyd pitched for three teams in a ten-year career. His birth certificate says Dennis.

Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish went by the nickname Bus in a career that lasted from 1942-1964.

Vinegar Bend Mizell pitched for ten seasons in the 50s and 60s, earning three All Star nods. After his career, Dennis Mizell became a state representative. A republican, he’d later be defeated by Zack Galifinaikis’ uncle.


Jack Glasscock held the record for double plays until Ozzie Smith passed him in the 1980s. Johnny Dickshot sounds bad enough, but his nickname was “Ugly.”Pussy Tebeau played in two big league games. President Trump desperately wants his baseball card. Rusty Kuntz sounds like a dirty joke, but he’s a baseball lifer, still coaching for the Royals.

Stubby Clapp sounds like a venereal disease and not a guy who had a cup of coffee with the 2001 Cardinals.

Classics from the 1800s

Alamazoo Jennings played just one big league game. Buttercup Dickerson once led the league in triples. His birth certificate says Lewis. Chicken Wolf had a solid career. He led the league in hits, batting average and total based in 1890. Con Daily needed to steal more bases. He played in 628 games, though. He swiped 92 in that time. Count Sensendorfer played in parts of four 1870s seasons. John was his given name. Lady Baldwin won 42 games in one season, but just 31 the rest of his career. His parents named him Charles. Peak-A-Boo Veach, born William Walter Veach, didn’t do much, hitting just .215 for his career.

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